Bahems Footwear is a casual footwear company that focuses on inspiring people to be great. Our footwear is designed to make the person wearing them feel exclusive. We not only want to produce shoes; we want to create a specific way of life.

Founded May 14, 2015, Bahems Footwear is based in Nassau, Bahamas and encompasses certain aspects of the Bahamian culture in each shoe design. The company was created on the basis that many consumers prefer low, casual, and fashionable footwear for their everyday and social lives and often have to travel out of the country to purchase it. With this need for such a shoe, Bahems Footwear was founded and offered a unique and eye-catching design that wowed consumers.

Our shoes are designed to do three things: to inspire people to be great, to inspire people to be creative, and to inspire people to make a positive change in the world. We believe that extraordinary people come from an extraordinary support system and we build our company’s values on that. 

Bahems Footwear was founded by a Bahamian athlete and marketing expert who has a passion for product and service perfection. He believes that a product is nothing without the exemplary service that makes a brand what it is. Looking good and feeling great is something that everyone wants and at Bahems, we make that happen.

Bahems Footwear’s CEO is a young and ambitious entrepreneur whose purpose in life is to inspire and make a difference in people’s lives. He received his Bachelor’s in Marketing Management and Sociology from Mississippi State University and is a member of The American Marketing Association and a founding member of The Student Sociological Association at Mississippi State.

Feel the exclusiveness and comfort of Bahems and see why so many love our footwear!

Mission: To be different, to offer a product and service like none other, and to engage in positive change around the world.

Vision: To put The Bahamas on the map in the footwear industry.